Thursday, 17 November 2016

Pelargonium fulgidum & Pelargonium gibbosum.

I just realize that I never posted separate posts for these  two very easy species pelargoniums. So tried my best to show them to you today!
                               Thank you for watching💚!


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Pelargonium nurseries, websites.


 Pelargonium nurseries what send plants by post:
UK ordered there once years ago,wasn't very happy,but as time goes tried again,will see what i'm going to get in spring.
Saw pellies what my friend got from them,,didn't look very good,up to your selfs.
North of Ireland you can find there so easy species too,and some very unusual scent pelargoniums,,like strawberry...

Ordered once,and was really happy 
  Both really good!!!
Sweden Ponora box,,you open it and you can't get enough,lots rare varieties.
Websites with good catalogs of pelargonium photos,where you can check up how do they look. or for them who do understand Russian,
 It is one of best pelargonium website what i know,there is great forum but it is in Russian.
Swedish-,,,great catalog,use google translate :)
 Good blog about pellies-
Species pelargoniums -
  All about genus Geraniaceae -
 Great assortment of pellies and description in USA -
 Species seeds you will find
Thanks to Gwen,for remainder,to check your pellies you can on:
 If you know more let me too know :) 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

First video on You Tube.

Made my first video for You Tube,wanted to do long time ago,but wasn't ready,Because i'm new on this thing,do not be harsh on me .And forgive me please for my English...
   Uh....I feel like i'm diving in to very cold water...

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Greetings from Eire !
   I had busy summer,and as i see all autumn too will be same.I still have my pellies,and lots things happen,since i wrote last journal,took lots of photos....but I have no much free time,busy learning new things.
  Right now,there will be some photos from my tunnel,taken about hour ago,got bit of nice sun at evening.
 Bye for now,talk soon ;)

Our little kitten-Princess Mia 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Stick in flower :)

Did you ever seen sticks in flower???Oh ,i have one,little bebe of Pelargonium tetragonum,what i got only this spring,and it was big surprise to see it rising flower buds,and then yesterday it was in bloom.Pity i didn't got photo night before flowering,you should see them buds before opening ,but i will fix that .
        Did you know that today is first day of summer....Happy Summer to all of you!!!Enjoy it, as good as you can !!!Love from Ireland!!!